Studio Etiquette


Welcome to the studio! Here are a few ways we work together to make yoga a fun and peaceful experience for all:

Arrive on time.  We start, and finish classes on time,  to best work with your busy schedule.

Please remove shoes when you arrive, and turn off your cell phone.

It is fun to come with friends, but please once you are in the studio no talking, not even a whisper. This is to ensure that you, and everyone has an experience that is serene, and a break from the outside world.

Our reception area has a great hang out lounge, where we encourage you to talk, and visit.


We are scent free, except for some mild natural essential oils, that we use when needed to freshen up.

Please refrain from spraying perfume while in our space, or using heavily scented lotions, shampoo, etc.

Respect that you are sharing the space with others, thus move softly past each other in the yoga room, avoid going in and out of the yoga room, simply go in and lay on your mat when you are ready to stay in the room.


You have the space on your mat, yet you are sharing the space, with other amazing people like your self.